Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What do I invest in?

I've had a few people ask what specifically do I invest in.  Here is my portfolio make up in a nutshell (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them).  The pie charts are a combination of Unregistered, Registered and TFSA accounts.  My US holdings are all in registered accounts to avoid the withholding tax and higher dividend taxation rates and my CDN holdings are mostly in my TFSA and Unregistered accounts to take advantage of efficient dividend taxation in Canada on qualified dividends.

The first chart is my raw holdings. I'll let you do the look-ups of the individual holdings.
The second chart is a pie chart showing the sectors for all my holdings. You can see by the size of the pie pieces which sector "buckets" I favour and the ones that I rarely or never invest in...  Note the absence of high tech, commodities and bonds and really small positions in consumer discretionary and mining.  Mostly those sectors just aren't my thing.

While I am quite fond of my portfolio mix, do not construe this as a recommendation to buy any of these names. You need to do your own look-up and research before investing in anything.

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